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Your Guide To Essential Oils For Diabetes

We are editing this post as we have been asked many times to write about the best essential oils for diabetes.

Medicine is rarely as simple as ‘take this tablet and away you go’, because everyone reacts differently to medications and treatment methods, so it makes sense that many of us seek alternative treatment to go alongside our medication regime. Of course, it is important to check these out with your doctor before trying anything new, but one area which could yield some help with diabetes control, especially those with type 2, is the use of essential oils.

You might be thinking this is all very new age, but bear with it, because there have been various studies and trials conducted on this subject, and they have yielded some very interesting results.

Using An Essential Oil, Is It All A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus?

Well, in essence, no.

Essential oils are found in plants, which makes them very natural, and they extracted by some very complicated processes, which you don’t really need to know about; what you do need to know about is how they can benefit you.

Essential oils have been used in health for centuries, dating back to the Ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans. Of course, using an essential oil isn’t going to cure your diabetes, but it could certain help reduce some for the effects of the condition, and also help to improve overall control.

It’s Not Just Ingestion Either …

Massage using an essential oil can be extremely stress-busting, so not only will you feel infinitely more chilled out at the end of it, but we know that stress can have a direct impact on blood glucose levels, so staying a little more laid-back could certainly help you here.

In addition, when used in conjunction with massage and foot baths, essential oils have been found to help boost circulation, which could help with diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Which Essential Oils for Diabetes to Pick?


Coriander has been used for years to help with digestive conditions but it also has blood glucose lowering effects too, while working to increase secretion of insulin from the pancreas.


 Isn’t just something you enjoy with apple pie, as it has shown to reduce triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes.


Taking clove as a supplement can help with insulin levels too, keeping them on an even balance, while lowering glucose levels and cholesterol; again, this is particularly beneficial in type 2 diabetes.


Myrrh isn’t just something you hear about at Christmas, as when blended into a tea and enjoyed, it can keep blood glucose levels stable, as with many of the other oils we’ve mentioned, and can boost your immune system too, as a double advantage.


Finally, you might not have heard of Ocotea before, but this essential oil can help to stabilize blood glucose levels and is great news for the pancreas too. Simply boil a few drops in water and drink it as a tea.

As you can see, using these essential oils for  diabetes could certainly be good news for diabetes sufferers. Share with us your secret tips.