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The 12 beauty secrets of Cornflower

Present in a multitude of cosmetic products, mainly in the form of hydrosol or floral water, this ingredient has more than one trick in its bag …

A precious ally for the eyes

• Cornflower, with its small blue flowers, is found in the wheat fields, it is also known as the scientific Centaurea cyanus. From the family Asteraceae, it has antibacterial powers and is known to soothe eye inflammation. It restores comfort to sensitive and irritated eyes.

• Cornflower has important decongestant virtues. It is the ideal ally to deflate the bags under the eyes and avoid puffy eyes when jumping out of bed.

• It is also a recognized ingredient in the fight against dark circles. It helps regulate melanin, responsible for dark circles.

• After a day spent on the computer, it calms eyestrain and soothes irritation and redness.

• Cornflower is also a magic ingredient to boost the growth of eyelashes.

A great asset for the skin

• Cornflower is an excellent anti-wrinkle ally. Antioxidant, it protects against free radicals and prevents skin aging.

• It also has healing properties.

• It is a shock ally to lighten the complexion and regulate melanin, responsible for the pigmentation of the skin and especially brown spots.

• Cornflower is also appreciated for its refreshing power. Once applied, it gives a real boost to the skin.

• It also has the power to tighten pores and firm skin tissues.

• It is a moisturizing ingredient that helps restore softness to all skin types. It is perfectly adapted to sensitive epidermis.

• It’s finally an asset that takes care of the scalp since it helps to rid it of dandruff.

In which care to find Cornflower?

Of course, as it has a multitude of benefits for the eyes and eyelids, it naturally comes in makeup removers, lotions, patches, compresses or eye care. But not only … Thanks to its beneficial properties for the skin, it is also present in day creams, facial cleansers, and even anti-dandruff lotions.