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Prickly pear oil: the anti-aging asset and beauty of the hair

The prickly pear oil is one of the most effective in cosmetics. Rare and precious, it is however very little known. Let’s put a spotlight on this almost miraculous oil, as much for the skin as for the hair.

The prickly pear oil: what is it?

The prickly pear is also called “hindi fig”. It is native to Latin America, but also grows in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, including those of the Maghreb. It is actually a form of fruit cactus. Its figs are also very juicy and fragrant, but they also have cosmetic virtues. For centuries, Berber women have applied prickly pear oil to protect their skin from external aggression, such as wind and sun.

Prickly pear oil is rare and expensive because it takes about 1 ton of fruit to get 1 liter of oil! It is even more precious than his crop is challenging: indeed these cacti grow in semi-arid, very densely, making it very tedious picking fruit if we are to avoid the thorns.

The pips are separated from the pulp to be dried and pressed and finally to obtain the oil of prickly pear. To benefit from all its cosmetic virtues, it must be chosen 100% pure, natural and organic.

Its beauty benefits

It is said of this precious oil that it has cosmetic virtues far superior to argan oil, yet very famous. Above all, it is an undeniable anti-aging thanks to its duo of essential fatty acids and vitamin E which have a strong anti-wrinkle power.

  • ·  – It reduces stains that can appear with age or because of the sun.
  • ·  – It protects the skin like no other vegetable oil.
  • ·  – It allows to keep a good hydration of the epidermis, thus preventing wrinkles from forming.
  • ·  – It smooths the skin, but also gives it tone to slow the sagging skin.

But if prickly pear oil is a great ally for mature skin, it is also an essential care for oily, mixed or dry skin.

– Oily and acne skin will appreciate its role as a regulator of sebum production.
– Dry skin, for its part, will love its intense hydration and its nourishing power.

Its advantage: it does not clog pores, because it is called a dry oil that is absorbed quickly by the epidermis and leaves no greasy film. On the contrary, it tightens them, refines the grain of the skin and reduces scars. Future moms can even use it to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Hair and nails also benefit from the benefits of prickly pear oil. Indeed, it gives them a nourishing care that makes them soft, shiny and strong.

How to use it ?

It can be used on all parts of the body in massage oil.

– To avoid slackening of the skin, it can be applied on the bust and especially the chest, neck and arms. Same for the buttocks: some circular massages with this oil will give them firmness.

– Sensitive areas such as the eye can also benefit from prickly pear oil as concealer: a drop on the fingertips only to tap and massage in small circles the outer corners of the eye towards the inner corners. The rings and wrinkles are then visibly reduced.

– The hair will appreciate that we put a few drops of prickly pear oil, as well on the lengths as on the scalp, because it has sebo-regulating virtues.

The tip: For those who do not want to apply pure oil on their skin, you can mix a few drops in your day cream or in your shampoo.