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Managing Diabetes Is About What You Drink Too!

Swap your sugary-laden drinks for a better option, such as flavored water, and you will see a dramatic difference.

There is so much in the media about how to manage your diet when you have diabetes. Whether your condition is diet-controlled, or whether you take insulin or medications, it’s important to have a healthy diet, which keeps your blood sugar, also known as blood glucose, stable. This gives you the best chance at managing your diabetes, without the risk of hypos or complications.

So, we know this fact, but have you noticed that most articles on this subject tend to focus on what you can eat? It’s not just food which passes our lips during the course of a day, but drinks too!

You are what you drink!

You might not realize just how important it is to monitor what you drink as well as what you eat, because the sugary beverages you enjoy can have a dramatic impact on your blood sugar levels.

Full-fat drinks, such as cola for instance, are packed with sugars, which can lead to crashes in blood sugar, the risk of a hypo, and generally feeling wired or lethargic, depending on the stage of your sugar levels. Anyone who has managed diabetes for a long time will know this fact all too well.

While nobody said you have to cut out your favorite beverages altogether, and yes, we are including alcohol in that statement, the key words here is ‘moderation’, and knowing what substitutes are better for your overall health.

Unsweetened tea, flavored water, and diet drinks – what drinks can you safely enjoy?

Okay, so here is what you can enjoy without feeling guilty about affecting your diabetes control:

  • Water, including plain water, or flavored water
  • Unsweetened tea
  • Coffee
  • Diet soda drinks
  • Low calorie beverages and mixers
  • Low fat milk

Water? How can I make that exciting?

People roll their eyes when you say ‘drink water’, but there are many ways you can make plain H2O exciting! Chill some water with strawberries and mint for a refreshing take on a classic, which is fantastic for your health, and also keeps your blood sugar levels stable.

When you look at the alternative, i.e. sugary fruit drinks and energy drinks, water is always the better choice. Sugary drinks can raise your blood sugar levels dramatically in one serving, and also add a hundred or more calories to your daily intake, which is no good for your waistline in general.

Let’s talk alcohol

Everyone enjoys a drink occasionally, and just because you are managing diabetes doesn’t mean you have to give it up entirely; there are just a few things to take into account.

Don’t drink on an empty stomach, as this increases the chances of a hypo, make sure you snack on something starchy as you’re drinking – crisps are ideal, and always eat something with carbs in before going to bed. Obviously, we know that drinking does lower blood sugar levels, but taking precautions while you’re enjoying a drink or two will help keep things steady.

Finally …

We know that food plays a huge role in managing diabetes, but drinks should not be overlooked. Have you got any tasty recipes for a twist on water? How do you jazz up your tea? Let us know!