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Fit at any age: tips to regain tone at 30, 40, 50 and 60 years

Overwork, no energy … To be fit all year long, nothing better than to change your sports routine according to your age or needs of the moment.

I’m 30 … and I’m stressed

To prove oneself professionally or to make a choice of life which is sometimes decisive is exhilarating but stressful. The goal: to relieve the pressure.

Good activity: swimming

Swimming effectively increases the level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that, as soon as it passes into the brain, induces a state of well-being and serenity. To “capture” serotonin and make it operable in a sustainable way, count 1 session of 40 minutes every two days for ten days, then, 2 sessions of maintenance a week.

The workout to do at home: standing, legs apart from the width of the pelvis, arms along the body, knees slightly bent. Close your eyes for a better feeling. Swing the coccyx back and forth, with small movements. Then gradually increase the amplitude, in order to feel a ripple along the spine. Relaxation ensured after 10 minutes.

I’m 40 years old … and I’m running out of time

Family and professional responsibilities force you to juggle your schedule, and it’s wearying. The unavoidable appointment to fix it? You “reconnect” with yourself.

The right activity: Pilates

Pilates is an ultra-concentrated “sport” formula: the mind (via the control of breathing) is as engaged as the physical. Specifically, the stabilizing muscles, the perineum, and static postures are worked on.

The workout to do at home: legs apart from the width of the shoulders, feet turned outward, go down by bending the knees, with the hands in prayer: the thighs are parallel (or almost) to the ground, the back well right and the pelvis slightly retroversion. Keep the perineum contracted and hold the position for one minute. To do as soon as necessary, to boost your energy.

I’m 50 … and need a boost

Fifty is when you want to find a second wind to better focus on its priorities.

Good activity: brisk walking

The brisk walk promotes a gentle re-movement, both psychically and physically. By focusing on his breathing, one can even enter into a kind of meditative serenity. To practice at your own pace, with sticks: the size will be better solicited.

The workout to do at home: lie on an acupressure mat for 20 to 30 minutes every night. Equipped with many nerve stimulators that cause the secretion of a powerful dose of endorphins (euphoric and soothing effect), this type of carpet also increases blood flow and stimulates tissue regeneration.

I’m 60 … and “lazy” joints

Early unlocking is often difficult. Inactivity is the number one enemy, but you have to go slowly.

Good activity: the soft gym

You can learn to stretch, breathe and mobilize muscles, without the haste or impact on the joints. Agility and balance improve, as well as health capital.

The workout to do at home: standing legs apart from the width of the pelvis, soft knees, arms along the body, low shoulders and pelvis slightly retroverted. Close your eyes and lower your chin slightly. “Let go” of your knees, to get a slight bending almost involuntary, while blowing with a sharp blow. Reassemble by inhaling, then let go by blowing again, etc. Find a rhythm that suits you: count 10 minutes to feel a well-being, as well as a better flow of energy.