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Easy Tips To Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

The aim after any diabetes diagnosis is to find ways to reduce the high blood sugar in the body. Insulin medication is generally the first stop to improving your health. You can however go further by doing things to lower blood sugar naturally for more lasting results.

Does Exercise Lower Blood Sugar Levels?

Studies have shown that persons, who engage in just 20 minutes of real rigorous exercise for at least 4 times a week, see a significant drop in their blood sugar. How does this happen? Muscles need lots of energy to work when they get active. When their energy source (glucose) is used up, they turn to sugar that is in the blood for more.

The more the activities, the more sugar is used by the muscles and therefore reducing your sugar level. The role of exercise does not stop there. It improves the responsiveness of insulin to control blood sugar, and at the same time burn fat to reduce weight.

How Can Diet Help?

Too much carbohydrate foods in your diet is usually the culprit for high sugar levels in the blood. This is especially true with carbs that come in the form of processed food. Sugar, including refined sugar found in syrups, sodas, fruit juices, cakes and pastries, and ice cream cause blood sugar to soar and the body’s insulin is unable to deal with the amount. You can lower blood sugar by completely cutting out the bad carbs and eating those that are easier to be processed by the body. Eat more vegetables that are low in carbohydrates, fruits and nuts, beans and strictly lean meats.

Where could you lose some Pounds?

Eating too much high calorie foods is a big factor in causing you to put on weight. This causes insulin resistance, preventing your blood sugar hormones from working. Seek to reduce weight by reviewing the type and amount of foods that you are taking in. Exercise regularly for greater effect. Losing weight especially in the waist will reduce the dangerous visceral fat.

When do you Sleep Really?

There may be few people who aren’t able to relate to not having enough sleep. A recent University of Chicago study found that lack of enough sleep causes a build-up of fatty acids in the body and a greater resistance to insulin . Moreover, too little sleep also leads to more weight gain. Seek to get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at nights. this is an effective way to lower blood sugar naturally.

Where can you leave out Stress?

Our bodies react to stressful situations by storing glucose and fat – energy to use when needed. Persons with diabetes will find that this extra glucose goes into their blood, raising sugar level. While you cannot prevent stressful situations, you are able to reduce their effects.

Join a yoga class and engage in meditation. Practice positive thinking and find ways to motivate yourself. In addition, you can start a hobby or learn a craft. Take breaks and go site-seeing for a change. Do not forget to exercise.

Help your body reduce its blood sugar level by taking charge and using natural means to do so. You will be surprised at the change. And when you are done, be the first to tell someone about it.