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Celery juice: is it really good for your health?

As the trend of celery juice grows on social networks, what are the real benefits of this drink? Get Answers from a nutritionist doctor.

The trend of celery juice

“Celery juice is miraculous”. This was stated by American Anthony William, better known as “Medical Medium”, on Goop, the site of Gwyneth Paltrow, before adding: “I have seen thousands of people suffering from chronic and mysterious diseases recover by drinking celery juice daily with an empty stomach “.

The allegations of this man, who is neither a nutritionist nor a doctor, but who counts 1.6 million subscribers on Instagram, have contributed to the trend of celery juice, which is found under the hashtag #celeryjuice.

According to Anthony William, this vegetable would have a multitude of benefits, since it would help reduce inflammation, detoxify the liver, lose weight, better digest, reduce bloating, fight against eczema and psoriasis, strengthen the immune system, prevent urinary tract infections, fight against acne, reduce high blood pressure, lower cholesterol or prevent ulcers.

Celery is not a “miracle” vegetable

If this enumeration gives hope, can we really speak of vegetable “miracle”? Obviously, no.

And for good reason: “celery is a green vegetable, and we know that green vegetables are essential for health, but food alone can not provide all these benefits: it must be part of a package,” explains Nina Cohen-Koubi, nutritionist doctor.

Green vegetables such as celery, however, have a peculiarity: “thanks to their potassium content, they help lower blood pressure and therefore maintain good cardiovascular health. They are also high in fiber, and therefore have a satiating effect “, recalls the specialist.

It is also for this reason that she advises eating for lunch and dinner, at a rate of half a plate at each meal.

Vary vegetables to be healthy

But what about vegetables ingested as juice? The nutritionist emphasizes the hydrating aspect of this mode of consumption, but advises instead to opt for the whole vegetable: “The notion of pleasure is important and when one drinks the celery in juice instead of cooking it and chewing, our senses are less stimulated. “

If celery has many qualities, no question of making a fixation on this food so far! The only way to be healthy? Have a balanced diet and consume all kinds of vegetables. Good habits that help reduce inflammation, boost immunity, maintain a good mood, and avoid snacking!