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Bitter Melon: Proven Herbal Treatment For Diabetes

Diabetes experts certainly have their hands full trying to find a way to reduce the effect of the disease. Traditional medicine along with nutrient-filled diets is the usual advice to keep blood sugar down. A little known vegetable seems to have just what is needed and the buzz is all about the bitter melon diabetes medicine.

About Bitter Melon

Have you ever heard of bitter melon? You may also hear the name bitter squash, bitter gourd, bitter apple, bitter cucumber, karela, and goya. The scientific name is Momordica charantia.This is an oblong-shaped fruit with a pointed end and a lumpy exterior that you will find growing on a vine. The fruit ranges in color from dark-green to white. You can find it growing in India, China, Burma, and parts of South America, Africa and the Caribbean.

Bitter Melon and Diabetes

Bitter melon is now known to have properties that lower blood sugar levels and diabetics are tapping into the benefits that can be derived.Scientists have managed to isolate several substances from the fruit including vaccine, polypeptide-p, and charantin. Polypeptide-p is said to act like insulin but it is the charantin that is the most potent of the three substances and that causes lower blood sugar. Charantin acts similarly to insulin in that it gets glucose to the cells of the body and allows the liver to store the excess sugar. Many nutritionists are of the opinion that nature could have more ways for the body to burn glucose and bitter melon perhaps is just another way.

How to use Bitter Melon

A common method of preparing bitter melon for use is by cooking it. You can slice and add it to a stir fry.The fruit is very bitter and therefore may not be so pleasant in taste. It is recommended that you add it to sweeter vegetables and cook with plenty of onion, corn and bell peppers.

If you are not able to contend with the direct unpleasant taste, you can also find bitter melon in capsule form in especially Asian grocery stores, and natural and health food stores. Buy 500mg capsules and follow the label instructions in how to take them. You could also try the tea extracts and have a cup twice daily.

Proceed with Caution

Studies on bitter melon are on-going and evidences are still to be verified. If you are going take any form of bitter melon do remember that it can lower your blood sugar to a significantly low level. Therefore monitor your blood sugar level constantly to know when you are in the normal range. In addition, bitter melon has the effect of inducing menstruation and therefore should not be taken by pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding.

Bitter melon diabetes medicine could also cause significant upset stomach as the red sheath around the seeds can induce vomiting. It is best to consult your doctor before using bitter melon or any other natural substance.

Here and there you have heard of something that is good for controlling blood sugar. Bitter melon is the biggest rave so far and you can only get better if you try it. Let us know how it helped you.