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Best Diet For Diabetes: Busting The Myths

Weight loss is a weapon for people who are overweight to prevent Type 2 diabetes. There is a fallacy floating around when it comes to diabetes; many people think that the best diet for diabetes is in fact a restrictive one, but that isn’t a truth.

The fact of the matter is that there are no foods which are strictly out of bounds for a diabetic patient, but it is more about making healthy choices and knowing which foods to limit, in order to maintain good blood glucose level control.

Whether you have been diagnosed with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, or a variant of the condition, a healthy, balanced diet is basically the best diet for diabetes.

What Exactly Is ‘Healthy Eating’?

Eating healthily has a large statement, but it’s basically about being mindful of your food choices, not forgetting drinks too, in order to avoid those foods which will cause your blood glucose levels to spike, or to practice moderation if you want to treat yourself from time to time.

There is no need to be extremely restrictive, simply understanding what a healthy diet is will do the trick.

So, A Healthy Diet Is The Best Diet For Diabetes, But What Should I Be Eating?

The word is ‘balanced’, a balanced diet should consist of a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as starchy foods, protein and dairy, and avoiding excessive sugars and sweeteners. On top of this, regular exercise will go a long way to helping health and wellbeing overall, while also helping those who need to lose weight, whether that be because of a diagnosis of pre diabetes, or particularly those with type 2 diabetes.

Make an appointment with a dietitian if you need a little more information on what kind of things to eat and which to restrict, as well as inspiration on how to make healthy eating a little more exciting.

You can easily eat healthier by swapping unhealthy choices for their healthy alternative; for instance, swapping white rice for brown will instantly give you a boost.

Get Inspired

  • Around five portions of fruit per day is recommended, as well as some form of starchy food, such as those with a whole grain element.
  • Dairy products need to be proceeded towards with caution, because many are high in fat, and those which are low fat can sometimes contain added sugars, which doesn’t do much for blood glucose level control; it’s about reading the label basically, and going for low fat options which don’t contain added extras. You need around three portions of low fat dairy products per day overall.
  • In terms of meat, fish, pulses, and eggs, you need some every day, including oily fish around twice per week, if possible.
  • One caution however is regarding foods which are rich in sugar and fat. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself from time to time, but keep these to a minimum.

Is A Low Carbohydrate Content The Best Diet For Diabetes?

There has been a lot of debate about this, and the idea is that you should proceed with caution, however recognize that carb overload in your diet does lead to a rise in blood glucose levels. You certainly need some carbs for energy, but a low carbohydrate diet has been linked to benefits for those with type 2 diabetes especially.

Now you know that a smart balanced diet is a vital tool for managing diabetes; so, take action now!