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Best Diet For Children With Diabetes. It’s Child’s Play!

Type 2 diabetes is responsible 90% of diabetes cases. Diet plays a key role in people suffering from this disease. It should help meet nutritional needs and control blood. Also, It should promote the maintenance of healthy weight and prevent cardiovascular disease. Here are 6 best foods for type 2 diabetics  to integrate in your diabetes menu, besides a healthy balanced diet and regular physical activity.

1-Pear_Best Foods for Type 2 Diabetics

Pear offers many phenolic compounds, flavonoids, responsible for the fruit color, and phenolic acids. Present mainly in the peel of the fruit, these components can neutralize free radicals, thanks to their antioxidant effect. Phenolic compounds thus contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.

Moreover, the high fiber content of the pear help decrease the risk of heart disease and the regulation of intestinal transit. The soluble fibers contained in the pear delay absorption of glucose in the small intestine, which allows a better control of glycemia. People with type 2 diabetes need to monitor blood sugar levels to avoid hyperglycemia that may lead to different symptoms such as constant urination or thirst.

2-Avocado_Best Foods for Type 2 Diabetics

Avocado is our second best foods for type 2 diabetics. It’s  an excellent food choice since it is highly antioxidant. Its Total Antioxidant Capacity (TAC) index is 1933 micromol per 100 g serving. TAC index allows to locate antioxidant activity of a food on a scale from 0 to 14 000 micromol (= micromolar).

 In case of diabetes, it is important to consume foods with strong antioxidant properties because this disease favors free radicals activity
responsible for body oxidation.

This can cause glycation (= reaction between the excess glucose and body protein) which is one of the factors of accelerated aging of tissues. Avocado is also rich in monounsaturated fats also called “good” fats. A study demonstrated that avocado has a real impact on reducing blood lipids. This helps prevent cardiovascular diseases risk which is 2 to 3 times higher in a persons with diabetes.

3-barley_Best Foods for Type 2 Diabetics

Barley is a very nutritious whole grain product, rich in soluble fiber and vitamin E. This cereal is an antioxidant that helps fight against damage caused by free radicals. 

Vitamin E helps prevent cardiovascular disease risks, certain cancers and other diseases related to aging. In addition, this cereal has a low glycemic index. Two studies have concluded that taking into account the glycemic index had many benefits: low blood sugar, efficient metabolic control and lower level of lipids.  These indicators must be taken into consideration because they can counteract or reduce certain effects that may be associated with type 2 diabetes: hyperglycemia, metabolic syndromes such as abdominal overweight and hypertension, increased risk of cardiovascular disorders, etc

4-Salmon_Best Foods for Type 2 Diabetics

Excellent source of omega-3s, salmon is a fatty fish whose impact on reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease has been demonstrated by numerous studies. This type of fatty acid helps reduce blood pressure, blood triglycerides and blood clots.

Salmon is an excellent source of complete protein. It is advisable to incorporate fish protein
in your diet to improve insulin sensitivity.

Type 2 diabetes causes insulin resistance, a hormone produced by the pancreas that helps the absorption of glucose into the cells and regulates the level of sugar in the blood. In the case of insulin resistance, glucose is found in large quantities in the blood, causing hyperglycemia.

5-Broccoli_Best Foods for Type 2 Diabetics

This vegetable is eaten raw or lightly cooked. Broccoli contains lots of vitamin C which has preventive properties against certain cancers.

The daily consumption of broccoli is associated with lower concentration of homocystéine, an amino acid which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Two of broccoli components, lutein and zeaxanthin have antioxidant properties which helps fight against cardiovascular disorders.

6-Sweet Potato_Best Foods for Type 2 Diabetics

In addition to its exquisite flavor, sweet potato has a high content of antioxidants, thanks to anthocyanins and carotenoids it contains.

Purple sweet potato is particularly rich in anthocyanins, which explains its coloration. Moreover, the darker the flesh, the higher the antioxidant concentration.

This component reduces the oxidation of “bad” cholesterol, thus prevents the risk of cardiovascular disease. White sweet potato would effectively reduce insulin resistance, which would improve glycemic control.

Standard “Diabetes” Menu

Breakfast “Eastman”
Banana, whole wheat bread, ham, cheese,
skimmed milk

Chili con carne quinoa Cheese ClementinesFish Fillets Steamed Brown Rice Blanched Green Beans Fresh apples

Snack Before Noon
Carrot and celery

Snack In the Afternoon
Yogurt and berries